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Boundaries and Bridges – Seed Money Details


Below are the details for application for seed funding for projects catalyzed by one or more Boundaries and Bridges creative placemaking workshops.


Purpose of the seed funding:  The Barra Foundation has made funding available through the Boundaries and Bridges grant so that Boundaries and Bridges catalyst workshop participants can act on ideas generated by the workshops with the aim of building more bridges and strengthening community and collaboration in Chester.  Funding is available for stipends for the project proposers/directors, materials, hiring local artists, and/or hiring Widener students to assist with the project.


Eligibility:  Applicants must live, work, study or volunteer in Chester AND have participated in a Boundaries and Bridges catalyst workshop (the full-day workshops that also feature an evening event 1-2 days before).  Applications must focus on a creative placemaking project that will be carried out in Chester by the end of 2016 (the end of the grant). 


Application Requirements:

  1. Title and brief explanation of the project.

  2. List of collaborators/participants (specify those you know; if you plan to have a public event or other call for additional participants, explain your intended audience and how you will reach out to them)

  3. Brief narrative of activities.  What will you do?  Why?

  4. Proposed timeline.

  5. Your budget details


Evaluation criteria:

  • Collaboration and building bridges.  Does the project foster collaboration across the community and/or between Widener and the greater Chester community, either through the organization of the project itself or through its proposed purposes and outcomes?

  • Creative placemaking.  Do the proposers have a creative placemaking project that will foster community development?  Will there be positive community impact?

  • Documentation.  Do proposers have a plan to document and share their project with others?  Will there be a blueprint that others can follow who might want to replicate their project?

  • Timeline:  is the proposed project feasible within the proposed timeline?

  • Budget justification.  Does the budget make sense given the scope of the project?  Do the proposers make good use of resources?


How will the applications be evaluated: 

The Boundaries and Bridges core team will rate the applications based on the stated criteria (see above) and allocate funding to the highest rated projects as funds are available.  Most grants will range in the $2,000-3,000; smaller requests are welcomed.  We will consider 1-2 more expensive projects over the course of the grant.


Note: to make budgeting easier, please fill out the excel budget template; rates for students and artists are set and the form will automatically calculate your budget. 


The Core Team might recommended that your proposal be combined with other projects and/or provide suggestions and feedback on your proposal prior to funding approval. The Core Team might also require that someone on your project team attend a “Documenting Your Work” workshop.






To fulfill requirements #1-4, you can apply online here: 





Download the budget template here,

fill in your bugdet details,

and email it to us (








The Core Team will not consider your application until it is complete - when we receive BOTH the online application and budget template. 


Has your project been approved by the Core Team? Congratulations! 

Visit our "approved projects" page to learn more about the next steps and how to receive your money. 

To learn more about our approved seed money projects, visit our projects page!

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